Hi, nice to meet you ! My name is Hugo Germain, I'm a London-based interdisciplinary digital creator with a passion for vibrant design. 
In the past, I had the pleasure to work with brands such as AdobeConverse, Fancy, Bond StreetGodsMagazine or Radar.

« While pursuing an engineering degree at CentraleSupélec School in France, Hugo found himself drawn to digital art. Using his engineering background as inspiration, Hugo creates myriad projects that transform reality, combining digital and physical worlds. »  - @adobestudents
Recognition :
• Commisioned to reinterpret Radar's tagline for their web-launching, 2016
• Helped in the creation of a tutorial on using the Rotoscoping tool for Adobe Students, 2016
• Featured work for the Passport To Creativity live exhibition in L.A., April 2016
• Selected finalist for the Passport To Creativity contest launched by Adobe in March 2016
• Selected during the open art-call launched by Electric Objects in December 2015, 
  to produce a series of 6 visuals to be displayed on their E01 Screen
• Selected as the English-Speaking blog of the month (France) in July 2015, by Tumblr
• Featured work for Neon Nomads, during the Art & About Festival in Sydney in 2014
• Featured work during the “Jiggling Golems” exhibition in Goethe-Institut Athens, Greece in 2015
• Grand Prix du Jury for the short film “Mon Aquitaine dans 40 ans”, nominated in CESER’s Motion Design Contest 2013          

Press & Interviews :

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